There is no disputing the fact that Auckland university is one of the best universities in the entire world. Auckland is a beautiful city filled with everything your heart could desire, thus providing students with a perfect studying and life balance. In fact Auckland university is so sought after that students from all over the world come to study here. Not only does the university look after it’s students by providing all sorts of benefits it also makes provisions for it’s very own University accommodation.

If you are look all over the internet you will find all sorts of independent companies,individuals and agents trying to provide accommodation for the students in the Auckland area. Although some of these options may be suitable, they don’t come close to the accommodation options provided by Auckland university itself. If you really want the entire student experience then you should really consider some of the Auckland university accommodation which is offered.

The university even has it’s own university accommodation portal where you learn all about the different accommodation options. Self-catering accommodation is one of the options available to students, this provides students with independent style living with incredible benefits and facilities. There are even student flats and student village options all of which may be the ideal location for Auckland students. If you are looking for self-catered or fully catered accommodation, there are many options available for students who wish to study at the university.

Yes there are set rules and fees associated but the fees are worth every cent and the rules are very reasonable. If you wish to experience the full student lifestyle in the most beautiful country in the world, then instead of travelling to and from campus each day rather consider one of the many accommodation options available for students.