The majority of people all over the world have heard about The University of Auckland. Some of the best academics and professionals have come out of this university. However many people do not know just how comprehensive and impressive The University of Auckland library is.

It really is a real treat for all students and if you enjoy learning, studying and gathering information then you may just find that you end up spend more time in the library than you previously anticipated.The library has many floors and you can literally get lost in it. It is a big world on it’s own. The wealth of knowledge, books and research which the library encompasses is very impressive and worth discovering and exploring. For anybody who enjoys the old fashioned library environment and respects literature and books, then this is the place for you to be. The library encompasses many different learning services and student information and help.

The University of Auckland library actually is made up of five distinct campuses. The main library is the general library and then there are ten specialist libraries. When people speak about The Auckland University library they are usually talking about the general library. This is the largest library in the University library system. All staff and students are welcome to borrow at their convenience, and make use of the self service library system.

The general library is primarily geared towards the Arts,business,economics,science and engineering disciplines. There is also an impressive independent library for Architecture, a separate Business information center and a Davis law library. If you think that this is impressive,it does not end here.There is also a completely separate engineering library, fine arts library,Leigh Marine laboratory library,music and dance library and much more. These are just some of the many impressive libraries on offer to Auckland university students.