Auckland university is honestly one of the very best universities in the world. Academics get addicted to the lifestyle to such a degree that some of them end up working in Auckland university for the rest of their lives. The world of academics at Auckland university is an entire world of learning and exploring in itself. Let’s not fail to mention that Auckland is a very safe and beautiful city which provides students with the ideal student life balance.

In terms of accommodation options, the university and external resources all offer different packages to students. The university itself has all sorts of accommodation options which are available to students. University Hall Auckland Apartments provides students with apartment style living, which is directly opposite to university hall Auckland. One of the biggest residence offered to students is University Hall Auckland towers. This option offer very comfortable and furnished single rooms in a very modem dual tower complex.

With most of the accommodation options available from the university itself, you can expect all sorts of social and recreational events which are offered. In terms of helping students to make friends and to settle in, the university really does go out of it’s way to try to make students feel welcome. Instead of commuting to and from campus every day it really works out well for students, to stay on campus and to take part in all the student activities and facilities on offer. This impressive university is ranked number one in New Zealand, in terms of thirty seven out of forty subjects in the QS World university rankings by subjects in 2017.

When it comes to settling in to university life, there really is something for everyone. Regardless of if you are an introvert or extrovert, the university has been created to suit all personality types and people. It is an ideal environment to start your life and career.