In terms of universities in New Zealand. the Massey university is New Zealand’s second largest university when not counting international students.There are three distinct and impressive campuses which are based in Palmerston North, Albany and Wellington. The Massey university library is very impressive and comprehensive in each vicinity.

The Massey university library encompasses the Albany Library,the Wellington library and the ManawatÅ« Library. Each library is open until 11 PM at night making it convenient for all learners and students regardless of their schedule and academic commitments. They are also open from 8 o clock in the morning, ensuring that students have plenty of time to gather the information that they need. The Massey university library makes use of one inclusive and informative library system which it then used for all of it’s campuses. It accommodates all aspects of research,learning,teaching, training and much more.

This university library is extremely well organised and put together unlike any other academic library in the world. They have their own website, Facebook page and even library app to download for their students. One thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that the Massey University is the only university in New Zealand which offers degrees in disciplines such as dispute resolution, aviation, veterinary medicine, and nano-science. As you can imagine this certainly plays a role in the unique and impressive book collections spread across the various campuses.

There are books offered and found in these libraries which literally can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Students have access to some state of the art publications and modern research findings in very advanced academic fields and disciplines. Academic literature is geared towards students of all levels from beginners right up until doctoral studies. The impressive libraries is just one of the many benefits which is offered to university students.