Yes we are all aware by now that Auckland University in New Zealand is really one of the best places to study in the entire world. Anybody who has ever studied at the campus will be able to tell you just how incredible it really is. Auckland university goes out of it’s way to ensure that their students have everything they need at their fingertips. If you are looking for books and text book for your semester then student need not look any further than the well known, Auckland university bookshop.

What is even better is that the Auckland university bookshop is situated for every students convenience as it is situated on campus. University Bookshop (UBS) is the supplier of all text books which are required for studying at Auckland university. This bookshop does not only stock text books it all stocks all sorts of other general books,stationary and items. The bad news is that the majority of the textbooks which you need are going to be pretty pricey. Unfortunately many students complain because the Auckland university bookshop is one of the only stockists of the prescribed text books.

In many lectures you will be told ahead of time the books that you need, unfortunately it may be difficult for you to locate them. Even though you may find cheaper books in various stores in New Zealand, they more than likely are not going to be the exact version of the book which you need. Auckland university specifics very set prescribed books, and usually the editions of these books get updated regularly. The problem with this is the older books are no longer useful although they may be much cheaper in price. Even though students do not have much money, all Auckland students will be able to tell you that they end up at the very same Auckland university bookshop as this is the place where you will be guaranteed to find the textbooks which you need for your studying at the university.